Age of Worms: The Return

Ring of Thieves

The Diamond Band is quickly drawn into the politics of the Thieves' Guild of Liberty

The Diamond Band, at the urgings of Allustan, sets out from Diamond Lake and makes the two-week journey overland to the Free City of Liberty. After encounters with a corrupt gate guard, an apocalyptic street preacher, and a perilous parade, the party finally reaches the estate of Eligos the sage. The sage informs the heroes that although he can find the answers they seek, it will take time, giving the party a chance to idle away the days at a local inn, the Crooked House.

The arrival of heroes of any stripe attracts attention in Liberty, and it is not long before Cyril, a liaison for the Thieves’ Guild, approaches the party with an offer of work. Leading them to a tavern called the Blockhouse, Cyril introduces the Diamond Band to a man named Parkol, who explains that he needs them to find a valuable magic ring that was stolen from a member of the guild last night.

The investigation starts in a brothel known as the House of Orchids, then leads to the docks, and then to the border of the Mercenary Quarter. Eventually, all signs point to a young thief named Adoch, who is currently hiding out at in a room at the Red Goose Inn, better known to locals as the Bloody Goose for the number of fights and murders that are common there.

At the inn, Cyril springs a trap on the party, framing them for the murder of Adoch in an attempt to both slow the heroes’ progress and to prevent them from learning of his own involvement. Worse, the heroes stumble across the half-orc assassin Qualt, and Vadir is nearly killed by a single crossbow bolt fired by the assassin when the heroes break down the door to his room by mistake. Narrowly escaping the city watch, the party encounters a young streetwalker named Jienna, who offers to help them get away—for a price. Following a high-speed chase through the Old Quarter, the party recuperates at Jienna’s apartment before pursuing a lead at an inn called the Dewberry House.

At the Dewberry House, the party confronts the innkeeper, a widow named Mihina who has been secretly aiding Cyril in his plot against Sepris. When she concludes that the heroes might implicate her in the plot, she places all the blame on Cyril, and allows them to search his room, where they find Sepris’s ring.

Returning to the Blockhouse, the heroes learn that Sepris has already left—escorted by Cyril and his cronies. Realizing that Sepris is likely in danger of assassination, the party catches up to him in the tunnels beneath the Old Quarter, making their way through Soot Street to rescue Sepris from an assassination attempt. Having foiled a plot to overthrow the leader of the Thieves’ Guild, the heroes find themselves with the gratitude of Sepris. As thanks, he rewards the Diamond Band and offers to smooth things over with Qualt, ensuring that the dangerous assassin does nothing more to harm them.



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