Age of Worms: The Return

The Hall of Harsh Reflections

The heroes find themselves targeted by powerful forces working beneath Liberty

The heroes, recovering from their recent encounters with the Thieves’ Guild, take some time to rest and recuperate while enjoying a few days in the city of Liberty. During one of these forays, Ivagmar’s phynxkin companion runs off, and Ivagmar begins acting strangely. Soon thereafter, the Diamond Band hears reports of crimes being committed where they are the prime suspects, an impossibility given that they have spent most of their time in the Crooked House or at the Temple of Terak in the Temple Quarter. While Bors performs rites and rituals to advance to the rank of Banner in his holy order, the others do some digging and discover that the beings perpetrating crimes in their name are holed up in a place called the Sodden Hold, a warehouse down by the docks in the Old Quarter.

This leads the Diamond Band to a confrontation with the dangerous charlatans in their demented house of mirrors. During their exploration of the Sodden Hold, the heroes discover that their enemies are actually a group of doppelgangers, one of whom has infiltrated the party and replaced Ivagmar. After uncovering the deception and freeing Ivagmar, the heroes proceed deeper into the Sodden Hold and meet the master of the doppelgangers, a greater doppelganger called Telakin, whom the heroes had met once before in the disguise of Cyril. Defeating Telakin, the lord of the doppelgangers, reveals a deeper threat, a hidden master directing their actions.

Before the heroes can escape the doppelgangers’ hideout, a mind flayer called Zyrxog attempts to destroy them, with the aid of his drow minions. Tracking down the mind flayer, the heroes invade his alien lair deep beneath the city streets. Here they defeat Zyrxog, and learn about the aberration’s recent dealings, including numerous transactions with Loris Raknian, master of the Free City Arena and host of the forthcoming Champion’s Games. Vadir discovers a ledger logging sales of disturbing artifacts to collectors around the city. Two entries seem of particular note—a recent entry logging the payment for the Diamond Band’s assassination by the doppelgangers and an earlier transaction with the same customer concerning something called the Apostolic Scrolls. The name of that customer is Loris Raknian, director of the Free City Arena.

A few days after the Diamond Band defeats Zyrxog and have had a chance to rest and recuperate, but before they have a proper chance to act on the information they’ve learned about Raknian and his mysterious interest in their livelihood, Eligos sends them a note inviting them to his estate for dinner.



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