Bors Splintershield

The King of Redhand and a cleric of Terak


Bors, like his taller cousin Zerric, is proud to be from the clan of Splintershield. As expected of any dwarf, Bors trained from a young age in combat techniques. On an early mission to rid the clan tunnels of encroaching goblins, Bors saw his first combat. He was briefly captured by the goblins, and saw the callousness and cruelty of their culture. Upon rescue, he devoted his life to the service of Terak, so that all beings could enjoy a just and egalitarian society, unlike the brutality of the goblins. Apprehensive at first about the lifelong ban on haircutting and drinking, he apprenticed himself to Dongal Splintershield, a cleric in the clan.

Bors considers his mission to bring justice to the world, to do his part to combat evil and wickedness. If, for example, it became apparent the world was infiltrated by evil worms, Bors would take up the mantle of worm fighting.

Bors is the bearer of the Crown of the Wind Dukes, an artifact found by the Diamond Band in the Whispering Cairn.

Bors Splintershield

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