Byron Castle

Bard and changer of fate


Bryon loves the crowd and sometimes the crowd loves Byron. His recent escape from possible death at the hands of a Lord has shifted the focus of his life from a failed relationship to matters of true importance, his fame. Always a romantic at heart, he sings now of truth, beauty, freedom and above all things love.

After earning great fame with the help of the Diamond Band in Liberty’s Arena Games, he journeyed with them to Diamond Lake to help solve the mysterious death of a mage who helped the group with the games. During this trip, he helped slay a dragon terrorize the small town of Diamond Lake and Ivagmar saved his life from a deadly encounter with a black ooze.

Escaping has always been a strong suit of Byron’s; he escaped certain doom when the demon’s invaded near Cauldron, he escaped from the Lord that held him the night before his scheduled execution. But now, Byron’s biggest trick will be evading the devil himself and saving his soul. After dying at the Spire of Long Shadows, Byron was given a choice, return to life and help save the world from the coming Age of Worms or perish forever beneath the Spire’s evil sight. Byron agreed with the loan stipuation, that a loophole to save his soul be included in the contract.

Of course, Byron forgot to ask what the loophole would be.

Byron Castle

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