Doran Stout

Wizard, apprentice of Allustan


Doran Stout is a human wizard, apprentice to Allustan. He stands just under six feet tall with a wiry frame, although the years spent in his original profession have lent some weight to him (mostly around the waist).

The destruction of Cauldron took nearly everything from Doran: his business, his home, his sister and youngest brother, and his parents. As he recovered in the refugee camp, Doran resolved that nothing like this would ever happen again. Believing that the only thing that had saved his life and his two remaining brothers was the great magic of Cauldron’s heroes. When the young brewer came to them in order to learn the secrets of magic, they directed him to Allustan.

Since he became apprenticed to Allustan, and allying himself with Vadir di’Cazzeo, Ivagmar, Zerric Splintershield and his cousin Bors Splintershield, Doran has learned of a great threat to the world, perhaps even bigger than what had happened in his home city of Cauldron. His studies have now turned to the uncovering of this impending doom, and what he needs to know to turn it back. One of the mysteries of this puzzle is the Rod of Seven Parts, a replica of which was found in the caves near Diamond Lake. Doran not only holds the staff for safekeeping and study, but has chosen to wield and even enchant it with his own arcane power.

Doran Stout

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