Grallak Kur

A prophet and worshiper of Canarak


Grallak Kur was a mad prophet and member of the Ebon Triad. Apparently a worshipper of Canarak, Kur seemed to be the source of the machinations of the Ebon Triad within the Dourstone Mine. His mad ramblings and prophecies directed the cult’s activities toward the sinister purpose of creating an Ebon Aspect. Before his death, seemingly caused by one of the mysterious green worms, Kur also provided several prophecies for the party.

For Bors Splintershield: In you there is battle born, but to fight the coming of the Overgod is to waste your troops. Even Terak’s might wilts before the Way of the Ebon Triad. On a distant battlefield you may be reforged, but turn the hammer of your life to the Way.

For Doran Stout: Six mysteries await you, six books in six dimensions. When two become one, the Age of Worms comes. When Kyuss speaks, listen and learn. Spread the word and herald the coming of the Overgod.

For Vadir di’Cazzeo: In shadows you may dwell, but soon the shadow dwells in you. Prepare now for the Herald’s return, for those who do the will of Kyuss will stand at the Overgod’s side. For now your secret knowledge is safe, yet soon all secrets will become daggers and nooses.

For Zerric Splintershield: The pawn that moves itself is not a pawn, but a king. The dragonchess board may be stable now, but soon the playing field will be sundered by the Age of Worms. Open your mind to the Herald’s teachings and the enemies of the Overgod will break upon you like waves upon the rocks.

Unlike the rest of his party, Ivagmar did not receive a prophecy. Instead, his revealed presence incited anger in Kur for some reason. His words for Ivagmar were: Who casts your path in shadow, halfbreed? What trick shields your fate from the Herald’s eyes?

Grallak Kur

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