Half-orc ranger


Ivagmar is a half-orc ranger whose phynxkin ally fought valiantly against Kyuss. Ivagamr lives for one purpose. To destroy undead.

Background: Born as the consequence of a Orc raid on a Blackwall Keep, Ivagmar was tolerated by generally loathed by his human family. His mother was the wife of Theldrick, who was taken from Blackwall Keep. A reminder of the savagery and brutality she once suffered, his mother eventually sent him to a orphanage of Pelor dedicated to providing for such monstrosities and outcasts.

Even here, Ivagmar was an oddity and a living example of the cruelty that life can offer. The others were often distrustful and hostile to him. In this environment, Ivagmar learned to keep to himself, preferring to slip away and be in isolation. The woodlands and fields near the temple were where he was most comfortable and he proved his usefulness as a hunter and farmer as he grew. When confronted by other children Ivagmar made it clear at a very young age, that there were limits to his patience. At age six, an older boy began to insult his lineage, making fun of his appearance and telling him he had no soul. In response, Ivagmar broke grabbed the boy by the shoulder and arm, and then snapped it out of place, dislocating it and sending the boy into a fit of screams. It was some time before anyone else bothered him.

Although Ivagmar had no real relationship with the other children, he became close to several of the clergy that cared for him. They were able to see past the conditions of his birth and his often hostile and destructive tendencies. He does not speak their names to others and holds their memories a closely guarded secret. How he wishes they were more then memories.

When Ivagmar was 15 it happened. In waves they came from the deep woods. The priests hurried the children into the temple and shut them inside. But they still came. Shambling, groaning, some ablaze in unholy fire, other feeding still on the remains of what must have been their last victims. Undead. A legion of them, every monstrosity imaginable. There was no warning, no foreboding, no mystery. They were just there…. and they were there to feed.

The priests held them at bay for several hours. Blasts of thunder and flashes of light consumed them by the dozens, but there were too many. Most of the children huddled together and cried for mercy, they cried out for Pelor to save them. But not Ivagmar. He grabbed his hunting bow and climbed out onto the roof of the temple. From there he could see the masses of rotting flesh all around the building. They were doomed. He was sure of that. And there, on the grounds near the front gate were the two people he could call his family. Around them corpses were piled high, set ablaze by holy might. But they were loosing, there were just too many. And so Ivagmar did something he had never done while at the temple. Never in his more than ten years here had be ever prayed. And so he asked that on this his last day alive, he be given the strength to destroy these horrible creatures. That even if all he held dear perished, he would be granted this one request. Vengeance.

In that moment, Ivagmar was blessed for one purpose. To bring to an end the unholy creatures of undeath that threaten the world. Ivagmar never speaks of how he lived through that day. When asked he simply looks away and grinds his teeth.

Age of Worms: A champion of the champions of the champions games (or something like that). Ivagmar has grown close to his fellow men at arms, a new family of sorts; and best of all they seem to share his passion for killing undead… or at least they let him at it often. Ivagmar is a master of steath, hunting and turning undead into dust.


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