The mage of Magepointe


Manzorian is a powerful Archmage that lives in a secluded tower in the remote coastal village of Magepointe. Manzorian is also the one-time master of Allustan, Elligos, and Marzena, though a falling-out between Manzorian and his students caused them to end their tutelage prematurely. Manzorian is also the chief ally and employer of Celeste and has obviously been working with her for quite some time. Manzorian is rumored to be thousands of years old, though visibly he appears to as human as anyone else.

Manzorian is a powerful wizard whose home is filled with artifacts of enormous power. He is currently the custodian of the 7th piece of the Rod of Seven Parts, which he received in a trade from The Diamond Band promising to keep it safe from the pit lord that is currently seeking it.


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