Leader of the Liberty Thieves' Guild


Sepris is the mysterious leader of the Liberty Thieves’ Guild and a powerful man in the criminal underworld. Recently, Sepris confided in a group of adventurers that he leads a secret double life as the noble named Hasperis, though which is the true identity remains a mystery. Sepris was recently the target of an assassination plot organized by a fellow Thieves’ Guild member named Cyril, after having his magic ring stolen by one of the usurper’s cronies.

After foiling the plot on the Sepris’ life, the party has endeared themselves to the Sepris. Recently, the party contacted him in order to escape a plot to cheat them of a teammate. Sepris sent Qualt to “negotiate” a change to the judgement, and since then has stated that they are even now.


Age of Worms: The Return Moridin