Zerric Splintershield

A valiant dwarf warrior


Zerric is a Dwarf myrmidon who is played by Brett Thompson. Zerric was almost killed by a member of the Ebon Triad at Blackwall Keep. Zerric has obtained his ancestral weapon: a dwarven warpike named Darkfane, once wielded by his great-grandfather Kelmaren.

Zerric was raised in the Splintershield stronghold. As part of the original bloodline, Zerric (like his Cousin Bors Splintershield) is amoung the highest blood of the hold, though he does not care to make this fact known. Because his father Vaurduk Splintershield is steward of the hold, Zerric and his brother recieved military training and defend the hold. His only sister is one of the ringmaidens of the court, and so the two are not very close. Zerric excelled as a soldier, even going so far as to become a member of the myrmidon force of the stronghold. After the devastation of Cauldron, Zerric and his family recieved news that Zenith Splintershield was dead, a relative that tried to pick up the mantle of Kelmaren Splintershield. Confident in his training, Zerric set out from the hold with the purpose of honing his tactics, and retrieving the lost artifacts of the hold: the mighty suit of armor and weapon wielded by Kelmaren, known as the Sentinel’s Raiment.

When he heard news from his cousin Bors, Zerric set out for the small town of Diamond Lake in order to retrieve the ancestral weapon posessed by Balabar Smenk. After working as an enforcer for Smenk, he came into possession of the weapon when Smenk was murdered. After his traumatic experience of almost dying, Zerric feels honor bound to assist those who saved his life. He has a growing fondness for all the group: Doran Stout is a mighty wizard, with the most impressive skill with a quarterstaff he has ever seen. Vadir di’Cazzeo has earned his respect for the stealth he employs (something Zerric is almost incapable of) as well as his impressive throwing ability. He does not understand the warlock’s power, nor does he care to: it has saved him all too many times in battle. Ivagmar, one who a dwarf would normally not associate with, has shown his prowess in versitility: there is no finer archer, and he is skilled with melee combat as well. Lastly, his cousin Bors Splintershield is more like a brother to him than a cousin. Though he will always make the distinction to a human, he feels a strong comradery with Bors. His more religious cousin seems to always have the right retort, and is as hardy as any in battle. The priest has illicited his respect since long before he was called to Diamond Lake. Zerric’s uncle (Bors’ Father) long ago instilled a respect for men of the cloth.

During his stay in Liberty, Zerric has had a great many changes in his life. As he first entered the city, he did not like the idea of staying there. Zerric is opposed to the idea of being unarmed and unarmored, and this puts him at a great unease. He has faced many perils in Liberty, the worst of which was facing aganist Zyrxog. Since his encounter with the Illithid, Zerric has been far more cautious, as well as being more faithful since visiting his god’s halls. Whereas he once saw The Age of Worms to be the affairs of upworlders, the return from the grave left him with newfound purpose: to end the threat of the impending age of worms. With the help of the church, and thier new ally Elligos, he feels certain they are destined to accomplish such a goal.

During the games Zerric has gained even more respect for his comrades. He is unsure about the new addition to thier group, Byron, however he does realize what a valuable asset he has been thus far. During the games he was fearful of breaking rules as they were under scrutiny, but since having used the Sepris’ influence (and seeing its effectiveness), he is much more lax about following rules so closely. He has grown more and more impatient with the plots against them, and now seeks to kill both Theldrick and Loris Raknian. Now that The Diamond Band are the champions of the city’s games, he hopes they will have earned enough respect to give more weight to thier words. With the champion’s belt within his grasp, he is one step closer to completing his ancestral collection, and furthur increasing his effectiveness against his enemies.

After having returned to Diamond Lake, Zerric has begun to take great sympathy for the plight of these upworlders. Seemingly, everywhere he and his friends go there is trouble following. He has grown a deeper concern for the wizards, as they are now targets for the evil cult. Because of this, Zerric is willing to go to nearly any lengths to protect Doran, Allustan, and Marzena (who he assumes is still alive, if in great danger). Zerric’s quest to retreive his family heirlooms now extends furthur than the underdark: the new bastion of evil appears to have come to the surface.

After having retrieved a section of the Rod of seven parts, Zerric helped to bring the rod to Manzorian. Afterwards, Zerric helped to find the Spire of Long Shadows. There he and the diamond band cleansed the temple, where Zerric apprehended a spellweaver lich for his friends to destroy. In doing so, the temple collapsed in on itself, killing the millions of worms within. Once they learned the secrets within (including a need to find Dragotha), they set off for the north, where they learned of Alhaster.

In Alhaster, the Diamond Band investigated the whereabouts of Dragotha, and found results at a dinner party with Prince Zeech. They met a young elven woman who told them of an island called Tilagos where many lost artifacts had been hidden away. There they could find the secret of Dragotha’s phylactery, and use it to destroy the ancient dracolich. However, when they found out that others were on the trail, the group came together to form a plan. When they all arrived at the island, they were met with a group of orcs, which had to be fought off. Unfortunately, they were no match for the might of the heroes, and Zerric downed many of those who came to stop the group. Afterwards, Zerric and the others went through a portal to the true island, on another plane.

The island they arrived at was harsh, Zerric personally is not prepared for the sort of terrain, but with his allies’ help, he was ready to go. As they first arrived they came upon four Wild Watchers, each of whom had a trial for them. These four trials would test their worthiness for the prize within the library. They decided to go into the forest, where they faced a shrieking tree, and leveled it into a horrid stump. As they were on thier way out, they were attacked by giant displacer beasts, as well as some woodland creatures similar to True Elves. When they finally got out, they rested, and prepared to face a trial to the south.

The creature to the south was a titanic creature, whose belt was the second task. Unfortunately, he was not willing to part, and the group felt it was either wrong or too dangerous to simply kill him for it, based on his claim of serving Terak. Thus, they decided to go look for the other two tasks, and see if it wass possible to finish them. After locating the Roc king (who had been slain by Theldrick), they decided to go to the south, where they found a nightmarish creature. The beast was quite wiley, but between Zerric keeping the creature at bay, and the spellcaster’s impressive performance, he was slain. So the group decided to complete the third task of retrieving a feather from the Roc King, whom they ressurected, and stole the feather from (but without harming). After setting off to the throne of the Titan Krathanos, they had one purpose: Kill Theldrick in order to free up time in the library. When they arrived however, the powerful giant was gone from his hold, and only the voice of Theldrick rang out in the large room.

Zerric Splintershield

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