Ebon Triad

From the fanatical peripheries of three evil churches comes a blasphemous doctrine known as the Way of the Ebon Triad, an anonymously penned collection of essays and scrolls soaked in phantasmagoric allegory and apocalyptic ecstasy. The Way outlines in vague terms a series of rituals and portentous events that culminate in the spiritual and physical adhesion of Asmodeus, Carnarak, and Naran into a single supremely powerful Overgod. Outlaws even within their own blasphemous religions, adherents to the Way of the Ebon Triad travel the world in search of fellow wanderers, banding together to influence important events and edge the world closer to catastrophe.

Eight years ago, agents of the Ebon Triad conspired with another dangerous cult to trigger a volcanic eruption that nearly consumed the city of Cauldron, in the distant southern jungles. What the Ebon Triad cultists below Diamond Lake and throughout the world did not understand is that the entire religious movement is a fraud launched at the direction of Kyuss, an ancient being who has plotted to bring about the Age of Worms for millennia.

The Ebon Triad is an evil cult dedicated to merging the gods Asmodeus, Carnarak, and Naran into a mighty Overgod. Adherents to the doctrine of the Ebon Triad clutch close their secrets even from other worshipers of Asmodeus, Carnarak, and Naran, who consider them heretics. In fact, word of the heresy has not spread far from these three churches, who keep accounts of Ebon Triad activities brutally suppressed lest the cult gain more converts.

Despite the internecine struggle between the Ebon Triad and the orthodox churches, clerics of Asmodeus, Carnarak, and Naran in thrall to the cult continue to receive spells from their godly patrons. This fact especially galls the church of Naran, whose rigid faith cannot square the contradiction. The idea that a mortal cult could bind gods as powerful as Asmodeus, Canarak, and Naran is extremely doubtful, even preposterous. The Ebon Triad hoped to bring about the Age of Worms as a precursor to the creation of its terrible god, and has its hands in apocalyptic conspiracies across the land. Perhaps the gods support these rebel clerics because they too wish to see the world cast in darkness?

In truth, the Ebon Triad’s origins are steeped in fraud and deception.

Ebon Triad

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