Striders of Darmon

The Striders of Darmon are a relatively small organization spread throughout the various Free Kingdoms dedicated to upholding the values set forth by the Lord of Ways. Primarily an information gathering and distribution network, the Striders of Darmon concern themselves with passing news and information along through their ranks and protecting the roads and cities from the threat of evil. The Striders are members of the Darmonite faith from all walks of life, and range from the casual observer of Darmon’s wisdom to the most dedicated clergyman. For the most part, the Striders of Darmon are well-meaning people outside the clergy of Darmon that have elected to defend the world against any threat to the mortal races. As Darmon desires above all else for the mortal races to be happy and peaceful, the Striders of Darmon dedicate themselves to protecting the innocent and ensuring that peace and prosperity reign.


Ostensibly, the primary purpose of the Striders of Darmon is to create and maintain a network through which information can flow freely throughout the world. More practically, this information network often takes an active hand in keeping the everyday citizens of the world safe from harm; after all, the Master of the Road wishes all the world’s mortal races to be happy, so it is the work of his followers that the highways of the world should be protected. The Striders typically concern themselves with collecting and passing along information from the four corners of the world, making sure that news travels quickly across vast tracts of land. Though typically the Striders of Darmon do not take an active hand in politics or large-scale conflicts, many members of the organization see to it that the information they bear falls into the right hands and are particularly fond of aiding well-meaning adventurers (who often are more proactive than the Striders wish to be).


Like the church of Darmon, the Striders of Darmon have no central organization or command structure. Most of the Striders organize themselves loosely into cells, reporting to a single wayfarer who then coordinates the flow of information and defense of the world’s highways. These cells work together on occasion, but more often act as individual nodes that connect together to pass information and then go their separate ways. In addition to the wayfarer organizing the cell, most cells have a few Runners of Darmon to act as their primary messenger, while the remainder of the cell consists of agents in various roles. Some Striders concern themselves with protecting the world’s highways, while others are scholars delving into ancient tomes in search of information, but there is no defined number of any type of agent in any cell.

Requirements and Duties

Every agent of the Striders of Darmon must be dedicated to the teachings of Darmon, at least casually so. Most Striders are expected to follow the orders of the wayfarer in charge of their cell, but simultaneously must exhibit some autonomy as well. Above all, a Strider must be prepared to defend the world’s roads and highways when called upon, and should be capable of traveling long distances to convey information when it is demanded of him.

Famous Members

Meerthan Eliothlorn is the wayfarer in charge of the Cauldron cell of the Striders of Darmon and, along with agents Fario Elegoth and Fellian Shard, was integral in foiling the plot or a group of cultists known as the Cagewrights nearly two years ago. Grevvik D’Sarne is the wayfarer in charge of the Liberty cell of the Striders of Darmon; a former member of the City Watch, D’Sarne is also in the employ of Liberty’s notorious Thieves’ Guild and coordinates the actions of the Striders out of a safehouse known as the Escape House, found in the Old Quarter of Liberty.


Most cells within the Striders have a handful of safehouses and well-known wilderness campsites that they claim as their own, but otherwise have no guild houses or halls to speak of. Striders of Darmon are welcome at all the houses of Darmon, and visiting Striders are often treated with hospitality and even feasts and parties upon their arrival at another cell’s meeting place. Though each cell of the Striders operates somewhat differently (and even with different goals), a strong sense of hospitality exists between the various houses of Darmon in regards to all members of the Striders.

Striders of Darmon

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