The Diamond Band

Heroes of the Age of Worms

The Diamond Band are a group of adventurers consisting of Zerric Splintershield the myrmidon, Vadir Di’Cazzeo the occult entrepreneur , Bors Splintershield the Priest of Terak, Doran Stout the wizard, Ivagmar the ranger, and Byron Castle the Poet-Warrior. They chose the name when they entered the champions games. They are based out of Diamond Lake, and are currently residing in Liberty.

The Diamond Band has accomplished many things both in Diamond lake and Liberty. For instance, in Diamond lake they have scouted out the Whispering Cairn, stopped a necromancer from pillaging bodies, and foiled a plot by an evil cult. They also traveled to Blackwall Keep in order to find an ally of Allustan. They settled a dispute with a tribe of lizardfolk, and installed a new, peaceful chieftain.

More recently, the Diamond Band has been in Liberty. They have been researching the impending threat with Elligos, Allustan’s ally, and have been making themselves useful elsewhere. They recently foiled a plot against the Sepris, as well as stopped a massive takeover of the city by doppelgangers. They traced the plot to an illithid named Zyrxog who they defeated (though not before he managed to kill Zerric). Now they seek to stop Loris Raknian who is the head of the Colosseum.

After finding out about the plot to kill them, the group decided to enter the Champion’s Games, where they created their name, and managed to defeat all opponents which allowed them to claim the title of champions (despite interference from the management, and the appearance of an undead worm).

Order of the Stick version of the heroes by Rich Burlew

The Diamond Band

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